Professional Coaching

Alcohol Support & Life Coach

Allan Morgan Coaching Services provides specialist & expert coaching for people who need support with alcohol addiction or those who want life coaching. 

Alcohol Coaching

Let's Break The Cycle

Want to take a break from the booze? Need help and support? Whatever your relationship with alcohol is I will work closely with you to get you to where you need to be.

Life Coaching

Coaching Services I Can Offer You!

As well as being able to offer specialist coaching I am also able to offer coaching services in other areas too. Maybe you are feeling a loss of identity and purpose in life? Perhaps your motivation to succeed in areas of work, health and fitness is lacking? If so, then book a free 30 minute Chemistry Call where we can discuss your requirements.

“No matter what your past has been, by changing your present, you can change your future.”

Why Work With Me

"I have been on the same journey"

I too had my own struggles with alcohol in the past. I am now over two years alcohol free and have developed many skills which I can use to help you change your relationship with alcohol to help you move on with your life.

"I have suffered with tinnitus for years"

My tinnitus journey began over 20 years ago and in that time I have experienced many stressful periods. In the past few years I have completely changed my lifestyle to deal with this condition. I can show you how I have achieved this so that you can live with and manage this condition better.

"I have trained to be the best coach"

My training and experience as a life coach will enable me to work closely with you to address any issues or obstacles that are stopping you from moving forward to achieving anything that you want to achieve.

“The person you hope to become is the person you were always meant to be”

How We Can Work Together

Remote Session

Not local to me? No problem as I am able to host remote sessions online with my clients and connect no matter where you are located.

Local Meet-up

I live on the Essex/London border and willing to travel to a location of your choice. This could be at a specific venue or even outdoors for a walk, the choice is yours.

A Simple Call

Perhaps you are not comfortable with video calls or a one to one meet up? If that’s the case I would be more than happy to conduct our sessions over the phone.

What My Clients Say!

FREE Chemistry Session

Free, no obligation Chemistry Session call. What have you got to lose?

During the Chemistry Session call we will get to know each other so you can decide if I am someone who is able to coach you in the area/s where you are seeking help. I will tell you about my experience and training and what I can offer you as a life coach. This is also an opportunity for me to get to know you to find out what your expectations are from being coached. It is only by conducting a Chemistry Session that we can determine whether or not we are a ‘good fit’ and that you would be comfortable to receive life coaching from me.

Let's Talk!

Availability hours are:
MON-SAT 06:00 - 20:00
SUN 08:00 - 12:00

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