Allan Morgan

Alcohol & Tinnitus Coach

I’m Allan, 56, a life coach, who in the past 2 years has been working closely with people to help them overcome their struggles with alcohol.

Although I now no longer drink alcohol I still have to overcome my daily struggles regarding my tinnitus which is ongoing and still challenges me on a daily basis.

My aim is to work with you so you can work through and overcome these issues so that you can lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

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Why Work with Me

Together We Are Stronger

I can help you to reclaim your confidence and mojo to ensure that you become the best version of yourself through one-to-one coaching, even if you have exhausted every avenue and have failed to find a solution so far.

I have a sincere and genuine personal drive towards helping those who are not moving forward with their lives due to the struggles that they are experiencing. They are generally underperforming in life, have little or no motivation to change and feel that to turn things around would require too much effort on their part.

I will be there to guide them away from their struggles and limiting beliefs towards empowering beliefs that allow them to find solutions to problems at the same time reclaiming their identity in the process.

My Values

Together We Will Succeed

These are my core values:

You're Not Alone!

My Story

There is a light!

There comes a time when the even the smallest effort seems like moving the heaviest boulder uphill’’.

I have the most admiration for people who can haul themselves off the floor without any help. Going it alone, digging deep, forging ahead…these are all admirable qualities.

The solo journey to become the best version of ourselves is unquestionably a very long and lonely road to achieving any ambition, be it career development, abstaining from alcohol or even a quest to be just that little bit happier with your lot.

Aged 53, and in need of a change, I sought to find a solution to the burning question that was written deep inside me. Is there a life beyond ‘meh’? Look up the description of ‘meh’ and it will state that it is ‘expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm’.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from personal achievement. It’s in our nature to want to do well but the obstacles we face in getting to a state of personal fulfilment are many and varied.

Lou Reed sings about his ‘perfect day’ in a song that we can all relate too I’m sure. It’s that feeling of everything going right for you, things ‘fall into place’ and even the weather is on your side too! Bliss!!

At the very end of that song he sings the same line over until the song fades out.

You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow…..

Search for this phrase and it says ”future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions”.

In January 2019 my journey to become the best version of myself began in earnest. As I type this introduction almost two and a half years later, my once ‘solo mission’ to get to good health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and a positive mindset etc.. has been, subsequently, aided by many many others who themselves were fellow ‘meh’ sufferers.

Connecting with many like-minded people over a quarter of a decade now sees me fitter, healthier, happier with an ever increasing ‘can do’ attitude. Continual self-development has been the cornerstone of everything that is great and good in my world.

I am now over 600 days alcohol free, 49 lbs lighter, I eat a plant-based diet, wake up at 3am every day, exercise 3 times a day 6 days a week and meditate. I also repeat positive morning and evening affirmations in the mirror and have 100’s of weekly online and offline connections along with several accountability partners to keep me motivated to continue along the same daily path.

None of the aforementioned has been without its struggles it’s fair to say (a daily routine of bed at 8pm, rise 3am takes some getting used to, especially in winter!) However, despite the challenges, one of which has been a worldwide pandemic, I have had many more perfect or near perfect days than at any other point in my life.

We all have our own version of what a perfect day looks like. Lou’s was drinking sangria in the park, feeding zoo animals and catching a movie. It is something that is unique to each and every one of us. The search for a perfect day begins from deep within us all.

By making the changes to my life that I have made, I have given myself the best possible platform to see more and more of these days in the months and years ahead with feelings of happiness and joy frequently coming along for the ride.

My life, like all others, has had a fair few trips, slips and tumbles along the way. However, I look back on each and every one of them as being experiences that nurtured, strengthened and propelled my inner resilience to be someone who I now feel is ready to become the best version of myself.

‘’No matter what your past has been, by changing your present, you can change your future’’

‘’Get busy living or get busy dying………that’s goddamn right’’ Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding

Allan Morgan